A-frame ski lodge

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A frame ski lodge in Edsåsdalen near Åre in northern Sweden.
The house was built with pre-fabricated A-frames and has curved dormer windows. The triangular shape makes the house into a little mountain top in itself. The house is drawn in detail inside and out with custome made furniture and interiors made to enhance the A-frame structure.  Photo: Staffan Andersson

Photo by client

As snow piles up in winter the edge between ground and house gets blurred. The tent-like shape of an A-frame house is as basic and traditional as can be. But on the inside  this house with its curved dormers result in sequences of rooms with varying and surprising character.

Entrance view
Entrance view
Gable facade and sections of the five segments of the house

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700 planer 2x - utan fals
Upper and lower level plandrawings
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Upstairs den has a curved ceiling
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The custom designed fireplace with a curved wall of fire bricks
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Long sightlines from livingroom all the way to the sauna
Spa and sauna
Spa and sauna with glimmering dark green tiles. Green as the forest around the house.
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Frameless sauna window
Spa is open to the rest of the ground floor. The hidden sliding door is only used when necessary.
edsås modell 1
Model photo of north facing facade
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Seen from up the road

Under construction 2019

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