Villa S

Remodel and extension of a modest one family residence. By adding just 30 m2 a whole new plan layout was made possible.

All photos: Staffan Andersson

Exterior view of south facade

The s shaped wall towards south is protected from the sun by the wooden trellis.

The southfacing facade before the remodel
The open air window in the wall lets the evening sun into the patio.
View from downhill, Villa S is a new kid on the block
New plan of main level
Transformation: original plan – 30 m2 extension – new layout
Sofa corner with corner window seen from master bedroom

All existing foundation and most solid walls were kept. New windows are made in oak and the old windows are white.

Måns Tham, Erik Lundqvist
Catarina Sandström (structural engineer, Structor)

Under construction: Future kitchen features a rounded wall , oakpanels and a big panorama window.
Sketch of the garden trellis